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If you’re a lover of luxury automobiles, there are few manufacturers out there that are able to out-do BMW. The car maker has long been at the forefront of automotive development, and is currently investing heavily in trend-setting technologies that could, in a few years or so, be viewed as standard on less high-end autos.

Gesture Recognition

With advancements in vision sensor technology becoming cheaper and more complex, BMW has been able to allow drivers of its new cars the ability to gesture their way through the car’s menus, accessing features and controlling the car in a highly innovative fashion. Heat and motion sensors in the headliner read what your hands are doing, be it tuning the volume, accepting calls or operating the turning on the hazard lights; all of the gestures can be programmed by the user, for whatever purpose they’d like.

Adaptive Transmission

Working alongside the new BMW 7-Series’ onboard navigation system, the car’s adaptive transmission changes the car’s gears in anticipation of uphill, downhill or rocky sections, depending on how the computer reads the ‘map’. This results in improved efficiencies and performance levels within the engine.


In the majority of new BMWs today, users can access the internet via BMW ConnectedDrive and Car Hotspot technologies through their smartphone or the car’s in-built touchscreen computer. This means that the kids can watch videos via Netflix, you can stream music from Spotify or even play mobile casino games at websites such as www.rubyfortune.com, winning cash to spend on your next tech-filled car upgrade!

Hybrids and Fuel Cells

The German manufacturer is also getting in to the low-carbon car industry with its i8 plug-in hybrid and 5-Series Gran Turismo models. The i8 will be much like traditional hybrids, generating and storing electricity via a combustion engine and mains charger, however the Gran Turismo will be an all together different machine. According to sources, the car will feature a 242-horsepower electric motor, a 1kw/h battery and a stack of fuel cells that should become production-ready by 2020. Electrolysis, here we come!

Traffic Jam Assist

This intriguing little feature currently being trialled on the 7-Series allows drivers to be kept safe whilst in slow-moving traffic. Keeping the car in its lane and maintaining a safe distance from surrounding vehicles, this technology could very well rid us of the heavy traffic rear-ending forever.

Inductive Charging

The final new technology to be chosen by BMW is inductive charging, a system we’ve seen shown in homes before, but not yet in cars. Quite simply, this charging tech allows anyone within the car to charge their devices wirelessly, putting an end to mid-journey battery drainages and passenger consternation.



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6818BMW 5 Series Next Gen Spy Shots 001 Next gen BMW 5 Series sedan spotted with production body, possible PHEV

The current BMW 5 Series is just a few years old since its 2009 debut, but the Bavarians are already preparing to put the model out to pasture. Here’s our first glimpse at the production bodywork for the next-gen sedan after spotting the wagon version during testingtwice.

While the cladding and swirling camouflage make specific details difficult to discern, it doesn’t look like we should expect any massive changes in design language from the new model. The nose appears to dip a bit more at the tip of the front end, but otherwise there’s no way to mistake this as anything other than a 5 Series. Squint hard enough at the front left fender and you can notice what seems to be a small door. Our spies think that this might be hiding the charging port for a plug-in hybrid version.

While the styling doesn’t appear to be changing much, the next 5er reportedly has a new platform underneath the skin that supposedly will help it shed around 220 pounds. The debut for this lighter but likely similar looking BMW is expected sometime in 2016.

Next-gen BMW 5 Series sedan spotted with production body, possible PHEV originally appeared on BMW Top News on Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:32:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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a6b9P90169883 highRes BMW shows 670 hp plug in 5 Series GT concept

BMW quietly revealed a 5 Series GT concept earlier this week at an event in France, and it sports a plug-in hybrid powertrain capable of a whopping 670 horsepower.

Think the upcoming Model X crossover from Tesla sounds good? BMW has something that might be just as enticing for eco enthusiasts who like their cars to be green and mean.

BMW quietly revealed a 5 Series GT concept earlier this week at an event in France, and it sports a plug-in hybrid powertrain capable of a whopping 670 horsepower. That’s right, a hybrid BMW hatch-crossover with more estimated power than the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

BMW’s setup is called “Power eDrive,” and it uses a 20-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that provides juice for two electric motors; they work with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This 5 Series GT would be able to travel for 62 miles under electric power.

The prototype shows the high-performance potential of the system, but the 5 Series GT is “purely a concept,” BMW spokesman Julian Arguelles told BMW Top News.

The GT made its global debut alongside plug-in versions of the 3 Series and X5. They used more basic eDrive systems with one electric motor teamed with a turbo four cylinder.

BMW revealed the prototypes to illustrate its plans to increase production of plug-in hybrids. Its goal is to add plug-in variants to all of its “core-brand models,” though specifics and timing are unclear.


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aa9bP90169912 highRes Weekly Recap: BMW rolls out ambitious plug in hybrid electric plan

“We believe that for the United States, this is going to be very important.” – Julian Arguelles

Let there be no doubt, BMW is serious about electric vehicles.

The German automaker said this week it will make plug-in hybrid versions of all of its core models, an aggressive move that demonstrates its commitment to electric propulsion systems. BMW did not specify which vehicles will get the plug-in systems or provide a timeline for when they will arrive.

But the announcement is clearly more than blustering, and the company revealed a 3 Series plug-in prototype this week at an event in France. BMW said the 3 Series uses a version of its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (240 horsepower, 300 pound feet of torque) with an electric motor sandwiched between the engine and transmission in place of the torque converter. It has an all-electric range of 22 miles. A plug-in X5 with the same powertrain was also displayed alongside the 3 Series, though the X5 has been on the auto-show circuit for more than a year, including a recent stop in Los Angeles.


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fc0701 2015 bmw i8 fd 1 Top Gear names BMW i8 Car of the Year, Corvette, Ferrari, Mercedes also win big

The lads at Top Gear have released their listing of the finest cars of the past year, handing the ultimate honor to BMW’s revolutionary i8 plug-in-hybrid supercar.

“The i8 is a milestone in the annals of automotive history and a glorious statement for an exciting and positive future. The i8 delivers – and then some,” the British mag wrote. The i8, though, was far from the only hybridized car to take victories. James May and Richard Hammond both highlighted hybrids as their personal cars of the year, with May saluting the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Hamster, unsurprisingly, heaping praise on the Porsche 918 Spyder. Jeremy Clarkson, meanwhile, opted to shock many by selecting not only an American car as his best of 2014, but giving the honor to of all things, a Corvette.

Clarkson wasn’t the only person to honor the USA’s iconic sports car, with the new, 650-horsepower Z06 variant being named TG’s Muscle Car of the Year. Other big winners include Mercedes-Benz, which TG honored for S-Class Coupe (Luxury Car of the Year), the new AMG GT (Sports Car of the Year) and the not-for-US C-Class Estate (Family Car of the Year). The 458 Italia Speciale A snagged a second win for Ferrari.

The best of the rest include the Citroen C4 Cactus, Renault Twingo, Volkswagen Golf R, Lamborghini Huracan and Audi TT.

Take a look below for the celebratory press blast from BMW.