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BMW was recently named the world’s best luxury car brand, and we can hardly say we were surprised. Is there any brand that rivals the style, power or finesse of a BMW? Well actually, although BMW made 1.8 billion in sales last year both Mercedes and Audi were not far beyond. So, while BMW is still the most popular choice, the competition is closing the gap. But why is BMW still so popular?

The Cars

According, to the company’s marketing chief, the success is solely due to the cars that sold like hotcakes last year. These included the X4 and the electric series I3.

There is no doubt that the X4 is a fantastic SUV with some added power from its sports car engine. It handles well on the corners and you are certainly in for treat if you dare to rough it up a little off road. But, it could be argued that some were expecting more from the upgrade and were disappointed by the sound of the engine when travelling at high speeds. That said, while it still looks like a sports car the SUV still had enough room to fit four people in comfortable luxury, making it one of the top cars on the market last year. If you want to pick up one of these brilliant, fast paced, muscular machines we suggest having a look at some new car sites online. It came out last year so we suspect the price might have dropped to match your budget.

On the other side, is the I3, with BMW proving once again that it leads the world in electric cars. The I3 is still available in a model that runs on pure electricity, making it one of the greenest cars on the market. It looks modern, futuristic, and we can certainly see why fans were clambering over one another to buy them. But, there were a few disadvantages. For a hatchback it is rather expensive and similar to the X4 has limited space for carrying anything in the boot. So, although we agree the cars are incredibly this can not be the only reason why BMWs are popular.

The Fashion

bmw e36 m3 convertible What Makes BMW The Worlds Best Luxury Car Brand?

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We think this has got a big part to play in those sales. Say what you like about BMWs but they are definitely one of the most stylish brands, no matter what type you buy. As we have already seen, even the SUV models look like they could take on some of the world’s top supercars. But that’s not all, because when you buy a car you are also buying the symbol on the front and back. While other cars have appealing logos, there is something rather unique and marketable about having BMWs classic blue, white and black symbol on your bonnet.

The History

Finally, BMW is known for its durability which means if you buy one, you will probably not be visiting your local mechanic that often. A BMW will keep you off the sides of the roads and driving along that white line, for years after you make your first investment.

We hope you agree that there is nothing quite like driving a new BMW.