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If you’re a lover of luxury automobiles, there are few manufacturers out there that are able to out-do BMW. The car maker has long been at the forefront of automotive development, and is currently investing heavily in trend-setting technologies that could, in a few years or so, be viewed as standard on less high-end autos.

Gesture Recognition

With advancements in vision sensor technology becoming cheaper and more complex, BMW has been able to allow drivers of its new cars the ability to gesture their way through the car’s menus, accessing features and controlling the car in a highly innovative fashion. Heat and motion sensors in the headliner read what your hands are doing, be it tuning the volume, accepting calls or operating the turning on the hazard lights; all of the gestures can be programmed by the user, for whatever purpose they’d like.

Adaptive Transmission

Working alongside the new BMW 7-Series’ onboard navigation system, the car’s adaptive transmission changes the car’s gears in anticipation of uphill, downhill or rocky sections, depending on how the computer reads the ‘map’. This results in improved efficiencies and performance levels within the engine.


In the majority of new BMWs today, users can access the internet via BMW ConnectedDrive and Car Hotspot technologies through their smartphone or the car’s in-built touchscreen computer. This means that the kids can watch videos via Netflix, you can stream music from Spotify or even play mobile casino games at websites such as www.rubyfortune.com, winning cash to spend on your next tech-filled car upgrade!

Hybrids and Fuel Cells

The German manufacturer is also getting in to the low-carbon car industry with its i8 plug-in hybrid and 5-Series Gran Turismo models. The i8 will be much like traditional hybrids, generating and storing electricity via a combustion engine and mains charger, however the Gran Turismo will be an all together different machine. According to sources, the car will feature a 242-horsepower electric motor, a 1kw/h battery and a stack of fuel cells that should become production-ready by 2020. Electrolysis, here we come!

Traffic Jam Assist

This intriguing little feature currently being trialled on the 7-Series allows drivers to be kept safe whilst in slow-moving traffic. Keeping the car in its lane and maintaining a safe distance from surrounding vehicles, this technology could very well rid us of the heavy traffic rear-ending forever.

Inductive Charging

The final new technology to be chosen by BMW is inductive charging, a system we’ve seen shown in homes before, but not yet in cars. Quite simply, this charging tech allows anyone within the car to charge their devices wirelessly, putting an end to mid-journey battery drainages and passenger consternation.



Trading in your old company car? Then do we have a treat for you. We have compiled a list of what we think are the best cars for business use on the market today. Yes, of course, there is a BMW on the list but we want to let you know there is a wide range of possibilities. Remember, your business car is an important decision. It is the first thing your clients, customers or potential investors will notice. If you are looking to encourage investors to join your cause, then you are probably looking for a little luxury and class. If you are trying to be a man of the people you may think about leasing a car they can afford. Whatever you require, we are sure the right car is on this list.

bmw i8 show The Top Choices For Your Next Company CarPic Source

You see, we told you there was a BMW, and this one will take your breath away. It has a classic look that is absolutely to die for. The machine itself manages to mix raw speed and power with a little nod to helping the environment. Yes, this fantastical beast is a hybrid that will happily do 0-60 in, oh, about four seconds! If you want to impress some clients or get that wow factor this one is sure to do the trick. On the other hand, even leasing, this car is a rather expensive package. Let’s take a stab at something a little more cost friendly shall we?

Honda Civic

Now we are being just a tad more reasonable. But make no mistake. The Honda Civic is still an excellent choice for your next business car lease. It has a fuel economy that rivals the best with some added comfort features to make it look just a touch more professional. Not as many people as you would think drive them, so they are still quite a unique choice.. If you are looking for a company car that will also be a fantastic little fuel friendly cruiser on the weekend this is the car for you.

Porsche Cayenne

Looking for a little muscle? The Porsche will pack a punch and have the miles to the gallon required for those, long business, drives. Not exactly subtle this one. Although they may not hear the hybrid engine, they will certainly see this sleek monster gliding towards them. The Porsche in an effortless drive and though not many try, it is also a fantastic offroader. If you have to drop the kids off at school before you drive to work in the morning, this is probably the extra comfort you are looking for. Again, just a tad on the expensive side. Your employer may not offer it as an option so let’s have a look at one more.

BMW 114d SE 3dr

Did we hear you clamouring for another BMW? Well then look no further because this one is sure to slot nicely into your price range. For just under £20,000 you can select this fun little cruiser with either three or five doors. The car is still fuel efficient for those business meetings across town. This BMW will also take you through the paces on those winding bends. You will also be happy to hear it has a low tax rate. If you are looking for an affordable adventure for your next business car, then start researching this classy choice now.

Whichever car you choose to lease for your next work day we hope you have as much fun as you can. Enjoy the drive to those long conference meetings.



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8036bmw i8 BMW i8 recalled over possible fuel leak

Some 223 examples of the 2014 BMW i8, built between May 16, 2014 and September 16, 2014, are being recalled over a potential fuel leak. A bolt used to secure a ground cable from the chassis structure to the fuel tank could have been welded improperly; if so, gas might leak from the tank.

The recall began in November, so if any of you owner types aren’t aware by now, you can take your i8 to the dealer for replacement of the fuel tank if necessary. A bulletin from the National Highway Transportation Administration below has more details.


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fc0701 2015 bmw i8 fd 1 Top Gear names BMW i8 Car of the Year, Corvette, Ferrari, Mercedes also win big

The lads at Top Gear have released their listing of the finest cars of the past year, handing the ultimate honor to BMW’s revolutionary i8 plug-in-hybrid supercar.

“The i8 is a milestone in the annals of automotive history and a glorious statement for an exciting and positive future. The i8 delivers – and then some,” the British mag wrote. The i8, though, was far from the only hybridized car to take victories. James May and Richard Hammond both highlighted hybrids as their personal cars of the year, with May saluting the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Hamster, unsurprisingly, heaping praise on the Porsche 918 Spyder. Jeremy Clarkson, meanwhile, opted to shock many by selecting not only an American car as his best of 2014, but giving the honor to of all things, a Corvette.

Clarkson wasn’t the only person to honor the USA’s iconic sports car, with the new, 650-horsepower Z06 variant being named TG’s Muscle Car of the Year. Other big winners include Mercedes-Benz, which TG honored for S-Class Coupe (Luxury Car of the Year), the new AMG GT (Sports Car of the Year) and the not-for-US C-Class Estate (Family Car of the Year). The 458 Italia Speciale A snagged a second win for Ferrari.

The best of the rest include the Citroen C4 Cactus, Renault Twingo, Volkswagen Golf R, Lamborghini Huracan and Audi TT.

Take a look below for the celebratory press blast from BMW.


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cdbai8 m1 BMW i8 and M1 reunited in mid engined Bavarian retrospective

The BMW i8 may be the cutting edge today – it did, after all, just win our Technology of the Year award – but as rare an event as it is, it’s not the first time that BMW has put out an extreme mid-engined supercar. The last time was in the late 1970s with the M1, a Giugiaro-designed, (partially) Lamborghini-developed piece of exotic machinery.

The better part of four decades later, Auto Express has brought together an original M1 with its spiritual (if much more advanced) successor for the video comparison that was bound to happen. The question we can’t help but ponder, initial sales success aside, is whether the i8 will mature into a classic in the same way the M1 has.


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41efbmw i8s More details emerge on hotter BMW i8S coming next year

The BMW i8 recently won the BMW Top News Technology of the Year award, and it’s going to get even better. In October, Automobile magazine reported that BMW’s i brand is working on an i8S that would be stiffer and more powerful, and celebrate the marque’s centenary in 2016. At the time, one of two power unit combinations was suggested, either one of them good for more than 500 horsepower.

Car magazine has added more info on the coupe said to be called Project M100, saying that in addition to being a birthday gift for BMW, it will also be a going-away statement to current chairman Norbert Reithofer, who is expected to retire in 2016 or 2017. It will also be so thoroughly reworked that there will be plenty of daylight between it and the standard i8: a more integrated carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, a wider range of materials used in the build, a larger luggage bay due to the omission of rear seats, a more aggressive suspension supporting heartier brakes and wider tires, and – perhaps – a different aero and ground-effects package to be visually different and make the most of the alterations.

As for that power unit, Car says that the two options mentioned by Automobile are still under consideration, being either a 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder with 320 horsepower and a 204-hp electric motor, or a 3.0-liter straight six with 480 hp and a 109 hp. Either choice gets an integrated starter motor good for another 27 hp, and a total torque number of roughly 520 pound-feet, 100 additional lb-ft than the current car. Word is that it will be shown for the centenary in 2016 then go on sale by the end of 2017.

More details emerge on hotter BMW i8S coming next year originally appeared on BMW Top News on Thu, 27 Nov 2014 16:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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