What Are the Most Common Repairs You’ll Need to Do

What Are the Most Common Repairs You’ll Need to Do


When you first purchased your BMW, there’s a good chance that a lot of your decision was based on the vehicle’s track record when it comes to reliability and longevity. By following the regular service and maintenance schedule laid out by the manufacturer, you help to ensure your car stays in tip top condition. With that said, things can still happen and repairs may be necessary.

BMW What Are the Most Common Repairs Youll Need to Dos

So, when it comes to the most common repairs out there on BMW’s, which ones top the list? Here’s a look at the most common issues that BMW owners may run into at one point or another.

Electronic Issues

While this isn’t necessarily a problem that affects how the car runs, it can affect key components such as your windshield wipers. Because the BMW features so many electronic systems, it’s only natural that they malfunction from time to time. It’s not advised that you try to make these repairs yourself, though, as they can be quite complex as you try to figure exactly what systems are involved.

Engine Issues

Another area that BMW’s can sometimes see problems with is with the engine itself. This can be such things as an oil leak, cracked hoses, vacuum leaks, cooling system issues, a fuel pump problem, etc. While these are considered more “common” as far as repairs go, it doesn’t mean that engine issues happen often.

Make Sure to Check Your Fluids

It’s very important that as an owner of any vehicle, not just a BMW, you learn how to check your fluids regularly. Today’s vehicles have sensors that will warn you when the fluids get too low, but at the same time it’s a good idea not to rely on them. Vehicle owners should make it a habit to check their wiper fluid, coolant, power steering, and antifreeze levels on a regular basis. Allowing these fluids to get too low can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Be Wary of Who Does the Repairs

As a final note, it’s important to point out to BMW owners that when repairs are necessary you want to be sure to visit an experienced and skilled mechanic. This should be a mechanic who is skilled in BMW repairs specifically, and uses high-quality parts. As well, make sure to get the repairs done as soon as the issue arises so you avoid any further damage to the vehicle.

There is also a problem of over-maintaining your vehicle. An honest and professional mechanic is one who won’t go ahead with unnecessary repairs simply to make money, as unnecessary service can also be harmful to the vehicle.

Expect Your Vehicle to Hold Up Well

By following the owner’s maintenance and service manual that is provided by the manufacturer, watching and listening for possible issues, and having your car inspected when problems do arise, you’ll be helping to make sure that your vehicle stays in good operating condition for many years to come.