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It is strange to think that BMW is now 101 years old. The fact it produces such cutting edge cars, makes it hard to think of them as being such an old manufacturer.

However, as you will see when you read on, right from the start BMW was a bit different. They were always ahead of the game, and working on the cutting edge.

A flying start

This was the case even when they made aircraft engines. It was the engineers at BMW that developed the first usable, four-cylinder engine, which the legendary Red Baron said was the greatest engine of WWI. It was this engine, which would later be developed by the company, and used in their road car. Interestingly, the shape of their headquarters building was inspired by the four cylinder engine that was the foundation of much of the firm´s early success.

Always pushing the envelope

From the start BMW took existing technology and made it better. Interestingly, the first BMWs cars for sale were not designed by the firm. The Dixi was based on the Austin 7, which was at the time the flagship vehicle of the Austin Motor Company.  

They did the something similar with the Hornet aircraft engine. Initially, they took over the licence from Pratt & Witney and replicated their production techniques. However, within a few months they had improved on the design and started to produce the BMW 132, which was a significant improvement on the original. It was engine that made long distance travel viable.

BMW pioneers automotive aerodynamics

For decades, aerodynamics had been used as part of aircraft design, but BMW was one of the first firms to apply the principles to car design. One of the earliest examples of this was the 328 Kamm coupe, which they made in 1940. It was the first car to have its rear end chopped off, which made it go a lot faster than a booted vehicle could.

Some modern BMW firsts

BMW have always developed cars that incorporated new technology, especially if it led to safer and more comfortable vehicles. A great example of this was the introduction of Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR). The firm introduced this technology, when they included the system in their 2008 BMW 7-Series range. In the same year, they started to offer owners the chance to take advantage of Intelligent High-beam Control (IHC). In 2013, they introduced camera only Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA) to their range.

Back to the future

More and more manufacturers are producing electric car. Interestingly, BMW played around with the idea as far back as the 70s. In 1972, they came up with an electric version of their popular 1602 model. It never actually went into production, but once again BMW were ahead of the game.

As you can see the history of this great German car manufacturing firm is a rich one. However, we suspect that what they do in the future is going to be even more interesting. BMW is continuing to innovate, and lead the way.







When you first purchased your BMW, there’s a good chance that a lot of your decision was based on the vehicle’s track record when it comes to reliability and longevity. By following the regular service and maintenance schedule laid out by the manufacturer, you help to ensure your car stays in tip top condition. With that said, things can still happen and repairs may be necessary.

BMW What Are the Most Common Repairs Youll Need to Dos

So, when it comes to the most common repairs out there on BMW’s, which ones top the list? Here’s a look at the most common issues that BMW owners may run into at one point or another.

Electronic Issues

While this isn’t necessarily a problem that affects how the car runs, it can affect key components such as your windshield wipers. Because the BMW features so many electronic systems, it’s only natural that they malfunction from time to time. It’s not advised that you try to make these repairs yourself, though, as they can be quite complex as you try to figure exactly what systems are involved.

Engine Issues

Another area that BMW’s can sometimes see problems with is with the engine itself. This can be such things as an oil leak, cracked hoses, vacuum leaks, cooling system issues, a fuel pump problem, etc. While these are considered more “common” as far as repairs go, it doesn’t mean that engine issues happen often.

Make Sure to Check Your Fluids

It’s very important that as an owner of any vehicle, not just a BMW, you learn how to check your fluids regularly. Today’s vehicles have sensors that will warn you when the fluids get too low, but at the same time it’s a good idea not to rely on them. Vehicle owners should make it a habit to check their wiper fluid, coolant, power steering, and antifreeze levels on a regular basis. Allowing these fluids to get too low can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Be Wary of Who Does the Repairs

As a final note, it’s important to point out to BMW owners that when repairs are necessary you want to be sure to visit an experienced and skilled mechanic. This should be a mechanic who is skilled in BMW repairs specifically, and uses high-quality parts. As well, make sure to get the repairs done as soon as the issue arises so you avoid any further damage to the vehicle.

There is also a problem of over-maintaining your vehicle. An honest and professional mechanic is one who won’t go ahead with unnecessary repairs simply to make money, as unnecessary service can also be harmful to the vehicle.

Expect Your Vehicle to Hold Up Well

By following the owner’s maintenance and service manual that is provided by the manufacturer, watching and listening for possible issues, and having your car inspected when problems do arise, you’ll be helping to make sure that your vehicle stays in good operating condition for many years to come.


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Garages and car mechanics in general have a notoriously bad name. Whether you are after a service, an MOT or a repair, finding a good one can often feel like a lottery; is there anything can you do in order to guard yourself against being ripped off by one of the cowboys? Well, there are a few things that will get you headed in the right direction. Let’s take a look:

Selecting a garage

When you first begin your search for a decent garage there are a couple of things you can keep an eye out for. Membership to one of the Trading Standards Institute approved Codes of Conduct will give you a certain amount of peace of mind, but they do not guarantee good service.

One of the best ways to find out whether the service you receive is by word of mouth. Ask around your friends and family for a recommendation. They may be able to point you in the direction of someone they have used for years, and that is worth far more than a faceless review or trading body membership.

Shop around

Prices vary dramatically from mechanic to mechanic. Garages in the same area can be vastly different in what they charge, even for standard procedures like servicing. Check out websites such as to find out about local garages in your area and compare the prices listed; it could save you a princely sum!

Before work commences

Even once you have settled on a garage and you are ready to get the ball rolling, your work is not yet complete. Now is the time to ask a few questions, not when the work is done and it’s all too late.

Check with the garage owner that your quotation includes everything and make sure there will be no hidden charges. If it makes you feel more comfortable ask for a written quotation with a full break down of costs on it, making sure that things such as VAT are on the quote too.

Another thing to check is whether or not they will be using generic or manufacture parts wherever needed. Some generic parts are substandard and should be avoided as they can often invalidate warranties should they still be in place.

After the work has been done

Once all of the work has been completed be sure to ask for a receipt and, if you are having a service performed on your car, a stamp in your service history book. This will help if you have problems with a repair that goes faulty shortly after you drive away and a full service history book will help when you come to sell your vehicle.

Spending a little time doing some research and asking around about your local garages will serve you well in the long run. All in all, finding a mechanic to look after your car shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, and once you have found one that you trust you’ll never have to go through the process again.


BMW was recently named the world’s best luxury car brand, and we can hardly say we were surprised. Is there any brand that rivals the style, power or finesse of a BMW? Well actually, although BMW made 1.8 billion in sales last year both Mercedes and Audi were not far beyond. So, while BMW is still the most popular choice, the competition is closing the gap. But why is BMW still so popular?

The Cars

According, to the company’s marketing chief, the success is solely due to the cars that sold like hotcakes last year. These included the X4 and the electric series I3.

There is no doubt that the X4 is a fantastic SUV with some added power from its sports car engine. It handles well on the corners and you are certainly in for treat if you dare to rough it up a little off road. But, it could be argued that some were expecting more from the upgrade and were disappointed by the sound of the engine when travelling at high speeds. That said, while it still looks like a sports car the SUV still had enough room to fit four people in comfortable luxury, making it one of the top cars on the market last year. If you want to pick up one of these brilliant, fast paced, muscular machines we suggest having a look at some new car sites online. It came out last year so we suspect the price might have dropped to match your budget.

On the other side, is the I3, with BMW proving once again that it leads the world in electric cars. The I3 is still available in a model that runs on pure electricity, making it one of the greenest cars on the market. It looks modern, futuristic, and we can certainly see why fans were clambering over one another to buy them. But, there were a few disadvantages. For a hatchback it is rather expensive and similar to the X4 has limited space for carrying anything in the boot. So, although we agree the cars are incredibly this can not be the only reason why BMWs are popular.

The Fashion

bmw e36 m3 convertible What Makes BMW The Worlds Best Luxury Car Brand?

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We think this has got a big part to play in those sales. Say what you like about BMWs but they are definitely one of the most stylish brands, no matter what type you buy. As we have already seen, even the SUV models look like they could take on some of the world’s top supercars. But that’s not all, because when you buy a car you are also buying the symbol on the front and back. While other cars have appealing logos, there is something rather unique and marketable about having BMWs classic blue, white and black symbol on your bonnet.

The History

Finally, BMW is known for its durability which means if you buy one, you will probably not be visiting your local mechanic that often. A BMW will keep you off the sides of the roads and driving along that white line, for years after you make your first investment.

We hope you agree that there is nothing quite like driving a new BMW.