BMW Introduces Awesome New Car Technologies

BMW Introduces Awesome New Car Technologies


If you’re a lover of luxury automobiles, there are few manufacturers out there that are able to out-do BMW. The car maker has long been at the forefront of automotive development, and is currently investing heavily in trend-setting technologies that could, in a few years or so, be viewed as standard on less high-end autos.

Gesture Recognition

With advancements in vision sensor technology becoming cheaper and more complex, BMW has been able to allow drivers of its new cars the ability to gesture their way through the car’s menus, accessing features and controlling the car in a highly innovative fashion. Heat and motion sensors in the headliner read what your hands are doing, be it tuning the volume, accepting calls or operating the turning on the hazard lights; all of the gestures can be programmed by the user, for whatever purpose they’d like.

Adaptive Transmission

Working alongside the new BMW 7-Series’ onboard navigation system, the car’s adaptive transmission changes the car’s gears in anticipation of uphill, downhill or rocky sections, depending on how the computer reads the ‘map’. This results in improved efficiencies and performance levels within the engine.


In the majority of new BMWs today, users can access the internet via BMW ConnectedDrive and Car Hotspot technologies through their smartphone or the car’s in-built touchscreen computer. This means that the kids can watch videos via Netflix, you can stream music from Spotify or even play mobile casino games at websites such as, winning cash to spend on your next tech-filled car upgrade!

Hybrids and Fuel Cells

The German manufacturer is also getting in to the low-carbon car industry with its i8 plug-in hybrid and 5-Series Gran Turismo models. The i8 will be much like traditional hybrids, generating and storing electricity via a combustion engine and mains charger, however the Gran Turismo will be an all together different machine. According to sources, the car will feature a 242-horsepower electric motor, a 1kw/h battery and a stack of fuel cells that should become production-ready by 2020. Electrolysis, here we come!

Traffic Jam Assist

This intriguing little feature currently being trialled on the 7-Series allows drivers to be kept safe whilst in slow-moving traffic. Keeping the car in its lane and maintaining a safe distance from surrounding vehicles, this technology could very well rid us of the heavy traffic rear-ending forever.

Inductive Charging

The final new technology to be chosen by BMW is inductive charging, a system we’ve seen shown in homes before, but not yet in cars. Quite simply, this charging tech allows anyone within the car to charge their devices wirelessly, putting an end to mid-journey battery drainages and passenger consternation.