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bmw f30 red1 How To Finance Your Next BMW Purchase


When it comes to buying a BMW, you get what you pay for. The German manufacturer is renowned for producing high-quality, executive cars. BMW are synonymous with style, performance, and refinement. Naturally, that comes with a price tag. For those on a tight budget, a BMW is often out of budget. But, don’t worry just yet. There are plenty of options out there to help you finance your dream car. Today, we’ll run through some of the best routes.

First, it’s worth considering a secondhand model, especially if it’s your first BMW. Remember, BMW produce extremely reliable, quality cars. They’re built to last for a decade on sensible driving. That means a three year old model will still produce years of reliable driving. There’s no downside to buying a used car, and it might just bring your dream car into a realistic budget. There are now more used cars on sale than ever before, so you choice is wide and varied. So, how do you pay for it?


Paying up front with cash is the best way to finance any car purchase. You’ll avoid any monthly payments and cut out the increasing interest rates of a loan. When you pay by cash, you also put yourself in a better bargaining position. You can negotiate a better deal on the BMW and shave a little off the price tag. Of course, not everyone is in the position to buy a Beemer outright. However, we do suggest saving the biggest possible deposit. The smaller the loan you take out, the better.

Bank loan

If you can’t afford the full payment (let’s face it, how many of us realistically can?) then you should turn to your bank. They’ll often provide the most flexible loan with the best interest rates. More importantly, it means you can buy the car outright, and your loan isn’t tied to the car itself. Of course, you must make sure that the loan isn’t tied to your house or any other valuable asset. It’s also worth shopping around to find the best interest rates.


Leasing is a complete alternative to buying your BMW. Leasing is more like a long-term car hire. You’ll pay the lease company to use the car for up to three years. There will be a deposit to pay and regular monthly payments. However, these often work out cheaper than the cost of paying a full loan. With that in mind, many leasers find they can afford a better model; perfect if you want the brand new BMW!

Finance plan

Finally, you can enter into a finance plan with the car dealers themselves. Most major dealerships like www.motorlinedirect.co.uk offer a variety of finance plans. They include the Hire Purchase (HP) plan and the Personal Contract Plan. Both require a deposit and monthly payments. The only difference to a regular loan is that you don’t own the car outright until you make the full repayment.

Your dream BMW isn’t necessarily out of reach! Follow these financial tips and you’ll find your dream car in a budget you can afford.


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9d92max reisbock 628 Meet the inventor of the BMW 3 Series wagon

It’s hard to imagine, but once upon a time, there were only two BMW 3 Series variants: the coupe and sedan. Back before gran coupes, convertibles and yes, even touring models were available, buyers could only get their 3 Series fix if it came with two or four doors and a fixed roof. Back in the mid ’80s, BMW engineer Max Reisbock was having some trouble fitting his whole family into his four door. Rather than suck it up and buy a van, he picked up a wrecked 3 Series and got to cutting in a buddy’s garage. Months later, he had the very first 3 Series Touring ever built.

At first, he kept the the car to himself, using it to haul friends and family around, but he eventually showed it off to his friends at work. When the BMW executives found out about his project, they called him up to take a closer look. After putting an eyeball on the car, they took it, copied his design, made a few tweaks and quickly rolled out the first production 3 Series Touring. How’s that for validation? Check out the video below for Reisbock’s story.

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The compact executive class of car – of which the BMW 3 Series is a part – is one of the most buoyant segments in terms of sales, but it is also extremely competitive. Therefore, the engineers at BMW must constantly strive to make their best-selling 3 Series model better and better with ever release of a new variant.

The BMW 3 Series is currently into its sixth generation, and in recent years has been evolving from strength to strength, and now leads its class in terms of driving enjoyment. While a racy performance might not be entirely important to a company car driver – the main users of the BMW 3 Series – as they generally cover many of their driving miles on smooth and straight motorways, but they still demand a car that feels poised, safe and balanced. And the BMW 3 Series delivers on these key targets. It’s a great-looking car too, just take a look at the Listers stock list; any colour looks good on the new, 2012 BMW 3 Series.


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b2432013 bmw x1 fd BMW planning Zhi Nuo Chinese sub brand, may export models

Automakers continue to pour big money into the developing market that is China, and new sub-brands born of joint ventures with domestic partners crop up on what seems like a weekly basis. The latest? According to reports, BMW and its Chinese ally Brilliance are forming a new sub-brand called Zhi Nuo (“The Promise”) that will likely rely on existing or older BMW products as a basis for new models.

Previous reports had indicated that the sub-brand could build its offerings based on an older 3 Series model (presumably the E90 series), but newer rumors have the X1 crossover (shown) factoring in. The Zhi Nuo brand could receive its official unveiling as soon as later this month at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Perhaps most interestingly, Automotive News Europe reports that the automaker’s ambitions for Zhi Nuo may extend beyond China’s borders. It’s not clear what markets BMW may be eying, but executives admit the company hasn’t ruled out Europe.

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BMW Gets Much Closer To The GT Look And Feel It Seeks

9d1c2014 bmw 3 series gt fd 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo w/video

The 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is being launched to a pretty cynical automotive press brigade. You know it. We know it. Heck, even BMW knows it. We’ve just returned from driving it on the rather unforgiving and sometimes nasty roads of Sicily, and even before we got behind the wheel, many of our media colleagues were busying themselves doubting the 3 GT’s very raison d’être. So, despite the always excellent Sicilian hospitality, the day’s atmosphere was kind of fragile.

While the press in attendance seemed determined to nail every product expert to the wall for having been even tangentially associated with the larger 5 Series Gran Turismo, it seemed that BMW decided ahead of time to not introduce such a sensitive discussion topic. That strategy would do little to smooth things over as everyone started digging for dirt on BMW’s so far clumsy Gran Turismo franchise.

As it turns out, we like the 3 GT despite so many packaging and design cards being stacked against it just by association with the 5 GT precedent. Automotive journalists are sometimes wrong en masse and this case of prejudice toward the 3 GT is one of those times.

And besides, much in the way the entire Buick brand still exists because China fell in love with it (entirely to General Motors‘ dumb-luck surprise), the 5 GT has somewhat thrived due to similar circumstances. The odd-duck 5 Series version – arguably the least appealing design ever to roll out of the halls of BMW – has found its savior almost exclusively in the Land of Confucius. After driving this new 3 GT, we have no reason to doubt it will find far more favor not just in China, but in all of BMW’s major markets.

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1e7b001 bmw m4 spy shots628opt BMW M4 sheds some camouflage for latest test run

Last time we saw the upcoming BMW M4 out testing, it was heavily clad with camouflage and decidedly homely looking (as most early development mules are). But in this latest set of photos, the M3 coupe successor has started to come into its own skin, and we’re seeing a shape more closely akin to that of a rendering we brought you a few months back.

Unsurprisingly, the M4 coupe looks very similar to the 4 Series Concept that BMW debuted at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. And while non-M version of the 4er will likely look a bit more sedate, these spy shots clearly show an aggressive front fascia, large wheels and the usual quad-exhaust rounding out the rear end.

Naturally, the M3 sedan will launch before this M4 coupe (and convertible), and powertrain details are still unclear as of this writing. We understand that the current M3’s naturally aspirated V8 will be axed in favor of some sort of turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and we’ve heard plenty of rumors as to what, exactly, it might be, but we have yet to hear any official confirmation.

The 4 Series will launch later this year as a 2014 model, and we expect the M4 to follow suit about one year later as a 2015 model.

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a9a701 2012 bmw 335i review BMW 328d confirmed for New York debut

Late last year, some of BMW’s future diesel plans for the US market were leaked, and we learned that a diesel-powered version of the 3 Series sedan (pictured above in 335i guise) would be coming in the first quarter of 2013. That report appears to be holding true, as BMW has just confirmed the debut of the oil-burning 328d sedan as part of the company’s New York Auto Show plans.

The 328d will be powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine good for 180 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. The rear-wheel-drive sedan will hit 60 miles per hour in 7.2 seconds and fuel economy numbers could “well exceed” 40 miles per gallon. (Official EPA numbers will be released closer to the car’s launch.)

Elsewhere on BMW’s New York stand, the company will show off the 3 Series Gran Turismo that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month, as well as the Concept Active Tourer that we first saw in Paris last fall. Scroll down for the official press blast.

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